Monday, 29 July 2013


        fish net tank top-primark, neon yellow triangle bra- h&m, mesh triangle bra- american apparel,
  acid wash shorts- zara, ragged priest net shorts- topshop,levis boyfriend jeans- ebay, 95' jersey tee- bside

                     Hello my gurlies and lads!, yes you guys are probably thinking.. where has Tish been?
                                                                has she been hiding?
                       i guess that could be the case ( i know i've been slacking, so so so sorry) but as summer
               has finally arrived i've been non stop going out.. i've been rewarding myself for the stressful year!

           what i can promise you guys is that this summer i'm gonna be focusing on my blog and other events                              and collaborations which ill keep you posted about!(so excited haha)

   Anyway, enough of me blabbering on! here are some of the recent stuff i've got within the last month and
     a half, theres not much (because half of the stuff is in the wash -_-) but here are some of my  favourites!
          i L-O-V-E my 'Ragged Priest' net shorts!, it literally is me sporty but stylish at the same time,i had to                                   get the for an amazing price £40 down to £10!!
     i love the fact is has a monochrome vibe aswell, also if you saw my recent polyvore wish post,  i mentioned how i wanted a triangle bra! well i got two!!(yay) i  love my mesh one by american apparel,its a bit sexual but hey-ho, i also love my neon yellow bra from h&m it would go amazing with my fish net tops
                                                                  and sheer blouses!
my family friend Wale always hooks me up from the latest looks from his store
                       (deffo check it out)!! again the sport trend is literally like heaven for me!!

my levis boyfriend jeans i actually got last year, but i disliked the fact they were so plain so i decided to rip
 them (dun dun dun...) if you guys wanna know how i did it and how i made sure i didnt go to the extreme
                                                                comment below!!
               ( p.s to the people who emailed me about skin care and shoe collection that'll be out soon!)

                                               PEACE & LOVE

                                                 TI$H CEE XO



  1. great haul! so many cool items, really love the mesh top and triangle bras. also, thank you for commenting on my recent blog post and looking forward to your next update as well :)


  2. OMG those bras...I want them!

    xoxo Britt

  3. I fancy ya bralets! And that b-side top is lush!

  4. Yoo Mesh triangle bras - I want!

    some great purchases!

    Myra x

  5. Hi! Great purchases! What about follow each other?

  6. Awesome blog like seriously and I just followedd you x
    Would you mind to check out or maybe even follow my mine and my 13 year old TWIN sisters NEW blog please.

  7. I've been looking for a shirt & pair of shorts like that everywhere! Awesome items