Saturday, 17 August 2013

Leather with a hint of Neon...

     neon beanie- gift(post coming soon),faux leather sleeved jacket-ebay £18, mesh top- missguided,£12
                              faux leather shorts-forever 21 £15,dr martens- dr martens,£120
                                            H by Harris real leather backpack- £320 (gift)

                      hey guys! i'm back with another post finally! summer is nearly over *sigh*
                  i swear the earth is on like meth or something its AUGUST NEARLY SEPTEMBER
                  so today i had a catch up with my friend who normally takes my ootd photos for me...
        leather is one of my favourite materials to wear just because you can mix and contrast other materials
        with it that makes the outfit s p e c i a l... the neon trend is still going and i've only just started to like it,
            at first it reminded me of primary school days where i used to where neon EVERYTHING
             (leg warmers ,tights, tops..) ew... those days...but i think this beanie added the outfit!

            As you can tell i dressed for all seasons, because england's weather wants to be bipolar for us!
                                           what do you guys think? comment below!
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                                                              PEACE& LOVE XO
                                                                        TI$H CEE


  1. Love the look very risqué and edgy

  2. Great look :)


  3. loveeee this, that bright beanie really stands out! love your style
    Just followed you on bloglovin' so hopefully you can follow back if you like my blog so that we can be following each other?
    x x x x

    1. awh thankyou... i just followed you on blogger and bloglovin! xo

  4. rad fit! love all the pieces and how you styled them.