Saturday, 3 August 2013

shoe collection (requested!!)

                hey guys! hows everyone's week been? my god blogger has been a lil *beep* this week!it
              hasn't been letting me upload my favourite outfit posts:(( i will post one soon though i promise!

Anyway,i got an email from a lovely reader called remmi,she asked me to do a shoe collection, as she was intrigued to know what i have... as you can tell i'm the typical 'sneaker girl' i would class myself as a 'tomboyish with a a chic edgy vibe' being a tomboy i love to skateboard and yes vans are my essentials for skating in, of course i use them for everyday wear as they go with pretty much anything... i believe that Dr Martens are E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L for everyones wardrobe just because they go with everything and you can where them at anytime (season wise) i prefer leather ones to the patent one.On to Adidas, hmm.. i always use to wear their classics when i was younger but have never really been that much of a fan since, however these kickboxing style trainers are amazing for a casual day or intense training which i love....

                                                   ON TO THE FAVOURITE PART
                                                            *DRUMS PLAYING*
                          now everyone knows how much i love my babies, the amazing jordan 11's
                        i got these for christmas,(so lucky as they were selling fast) thank you craig!!
                       jordans are the type of shoe that everyone would resemble as a souvenir
                  as they are so rare and hard to get and can be worth alotttt of money, but what i know
                                     for sure is that i would never sell mine E-V-E-R...

                      so you're probably think does this girl even own flip flops or heels? of course i do
                however being the girl that i am(ridiculously lanky), i prefer to wear them for special occasions,
           as i  feel more comfortable in these type of shoes! what's your favourite? are you a 'sneaker girl'?

                       comment below! ooh and also follow me on instagram and twitter @tishcee!

                                     ( i read every comment and appreciate all your support)

                                                                    PEACE & LOVE XO
                                                       TI$H CEE 



  1. great collection! love the dms! x

  2. very cool post, i see you have lots of sneakers. wish i could pull them off.


  3. I am totally obsessed. I wish I can rock sneakers! :-( Can't wait to read more! (。♥‿♥。)
    xx (✿◠‿◠)

  4. Love the addidas high-tops! Xo

  5. ah you have so many shoes! i seriously need those docs, they're perfect