Monday, 9 December 2013


          firstly can i say how stressful its been not being able to be on here because of how busy i am!
      (school sucks when it comes to mock exams and revision 24/7) but i promise you guys im gonna try
                                    as i love blogging.... anyway onto the main feature.....


              Yes, ARK clothing, i'm so glad they contacted me as there clothes are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
           they kind of remind me of asos, but sooooo much better because of how cheap and interesting
                                                           the clothes are on there.

     i'm one of them  people who buy summer clothes in the winter simply because i'm a little cheap skate(ssshhh!) so when i decided to look for bodysuits for future festivals etc, i fell in LOVE( CLICK HERE.) They have various brands such as, motel rocks, freak of nature and many more....

Freak Of Nature Black & Red Skull King Body main imageVintage Dark Grey Crush Velvet Gothic Bodysuit main image


                             i love how they have a variety of different styles, for different people...
             like this 'glamourous' velvet body suit would be so nice with black American apparel riding                              pants,platform boots/dr martens and a biker jacket, whereas the 'freak of nature' bodysuit
       would be good for festivals, which some vintage black high waist shorts, dr martens and cute kimono!

         i definitely recommend checking out this website, you wont forget it, i'm so glad i know about
                                                            this website now!

                                               * new blog post coming soon*

                                                            peace n love

                                                          TI$H CEE XO 
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Leather with a hint of Neon...

     neon beanie- gift(post coming soon),faux leather sleeved jacket-ebay £18, mesh top- missguided,£12
                              faux leather shorts-forever 21 £15,dr martens- dr martens,£120
                                            H by Harris real leather backpack- £320 (gift)

                      hey guys! i'm back with another post finally! summer is nearly over *sigh*
                  i swear the earth is on like meth or something its AUGUST NEARLY SEPTEMBER
                  so today i had a catch up with my friend who normally takes my ootd photos for me...
        leather is one of my favourite materials to wear just because you can mix and contrast other materials
        with it that makes the outfit s p e c i a l... the neon trend is still going and i've only just started to like it,
            at first it reminded me of primary school days where i used to where neon EVERYTHING
             (leg warmers ,tights, tops..) ew... those days...but i think this beanie added the outfit!

            As you can tell i dressed for all seasons, because england's weather wants to be bipolar for us!
                                           what do you guys think? comment below!
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                                                              PEACE& LOVE XO
                                                                        TI$H CEE

Saturday, 3 August 2013

shoe collection (requested!!)

                hey guys! hows everyone's week been? my god blogger has been a lil *beep* this week!it
              hasn't been letting me upload my favourite outfit posts:(( i will post one soon though i promise!

Anyway,i got an email from a lovely reader called remmi,she asked me to do a shoe collection, as she was intrigued to know what i have... as you can tell i'm the typical 'sneaker girl' i would class myself as a 'tomboyish with a a chic edgy vibe' being a tomboy i love to skateboard and yes vans are my essentials for skating in, of course i use them for everyday wear as they go with pretty much anything... i believe that Dr Martens are E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L for everyones wardrobe just because they go with everything and you can where them at anytime (season wise) i prefer leather ones to the patent one.On to Adidas, hmm.. i always use to wear their classics when i was younger but have never really been that much of a fan since, however these kickboxing style trainers are amazing for a casual day or intense training which i love....

                                                   ON TO THE FAVOURITE PART
                                                            *DRUMS PLAYING*
                          now everyone knows how much i love my babies, the amazing jordan 11's
                        i got these for christmas,(so lucky as they were selling fast) thank you craig!!
                       jordans are the type of shoe that everyone would resemble as a souvenir
                  as they are so rare and hard to get and can be worth alotttt of money, but what i know
                                     for sure is that i would never sell mine E-V-E-R...

                      so you're probably think does this girl even own flip flops or heels? of course i do
                however being the girl that i am(ridiculously lanky), i prefer to wear them for special occasions,
           as i  feel more comfortable in these type of shoes! what's your favourite? are you a 'sneaker girl'?

                       comment below! ooh and also follow me on instagram and twitter @tishcee!

                                     ( i read every comment and appreciate all your support)

                                                                    PEACE & LOVE XO
                                                       TI$H CEE 


Monday, 29 July 2013


        fish net tank top-primark, neon yellow triangle bra- h&m, mesh triangle bra- american apparel,
  acid wash shorts- zara, ragged priest net shorts- topshop,levis boyfriend jeans- ebay, 95' jersey tee- bside

                     Hello my gurlies and lads!, yes you guys are probably thinking.. where has Tish been?
                                                                has she been hiding?
                       i guess that could be the case ( i know i've been slacking, so so so sorry) but as summer
               has finally arrived i've been non stop going out.. i've been rewarding myself for the stressful year!

           what i can promise you guys is that this summer i'm gonna be focusing on my blog and other events                              and collaborations which ill keep you posted about!(so excited haha)

   Anyway, enough of me blabbering on! here are some of the recent stuff i've got within the last month and
     a half, theres not much (because half of the stuff is in the wash -_-) but here are some of my  favourites!
          i L-O-V-E my 'Ragged Priest' net shorts!, it literally is me sporty but stylish at the same time,i had to                                   get the for an amazing price £40 down to £10!!
     i love the fact is has a monochrome vibe aswell, also if you saw my recent polyvore wish post,  i mentioned how i wanted a triangle bra! well i got two!!(yay) i  love my mesh one by american apparel,its a bit sexual but hey-ho, i also love my neon yellow bra from h&m it would go amazing with my fish net tops
                                                                  and sheer blouses!
my family friend Wale always hooks me up from the latest looks from his store
                       (deffo check it out)!! again the sport trend is literally like heaven for me!!

my levis boyfriend jeans i actually got last year, but i disliked the fact they were so plain so i decided to rip
 them (dun dun dun...) if you guys wanna know how i did it and how i made sure i didnt go to the extreme
                                                                comment below!!
               ( p.s to the people who emailed me about skin care and shoe collection that'll be out soon!)

                                               PEACE & LOVE

                                                 TI$H CEE XO


Friday, 28 June 2013

photoshoot pictures have arrived!!!


                                                 Models -  latisha campbell, Gemma Rose,Holly Edwards
                          Happy Friday guys! i recently made a blog post about a photoshoot i did
                   last month for my friends portfolio and mine, i love to model as well as to blog and style!
                    Brittany Grant, the photographer, finally sent me them and i am really happy with the way they
                 came out! check out her work HERE shes amazing! and a great friend too (cheesy moment)
                           Me and Britt styled Me ,Gemma and holly  as we both have similar fashion taste!
         if anyone wants to know what my friend Gemma Rose ethnicity is, she's mixed with Indian, look
                                   how gorgeous she is!, she'll make it soon i just know it!!
                                                what do you guys think of them?
                                                      whats your favourite one?

                                                    tell me below in the comments!

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                                                                PEACE & LOVE

                                                                   TI$H CEE XO


Monday, 24 June 2013

first post on polyvore!- summer wishlist

first post!- summer wishlist!

first post!- summer wishlist! by stylenpleasure featuring retrosuperfuture sunglasses

                Hey guys so friday was the first day  of summer! some weather for summer right?...
          i decided to create my summer wishlist that i hopefully will be able to buy some  in the summer!
                 ( 3 WEEKS LEFT YAY) i am loving the 'Kesh X american apparel' collaboration at the
            moment the, bold, abstract designs describes me personally! definitely have to buy 
          the top!
      ( items from pictures are below, also follow me on instagram : tishcee!)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

IM BACK!! plus recent purchases!!

                            cotton spandex sleeveless top- DIY ( copy of american apparel) '
        'GAP' mens denim jacket- ebay, £12, 'sparkle lurex crop top'- primark,£5, tinted sunnies-primark,£1
                                 'geliner'- clinque, gifteddd,  will fray tee- gifteddd

                             hey guys!  my exams for science are finally OVER!! * thanks lord*
                          you don't understand how much i've missed blogging aswell as using tumblr!
                               ( it's literally my life lol) anyway! i'm back and its officially summer..i guess...
                         whilst i was preparing for my exams i was treating myself by shopping (as you do)
                         and here are the things i've recently bought!What i love about primark is that they
                         copy highstreet brands and lower down the prices, like the sparkle crop top,i looked in  
  urban outfitters and it was £16!!HERE but when i look in to primark it's £5! B-A-R-G-A-I-N!  i had to get    it! it would look amazing for summer parties, festivals and even for a casual day.  i love sunglasses with tinted
        lenses so i had to buy that too!,ebay is great for denim jackets i got mine for £12 including shipping so
                        look there (its by gap in mens- M) and i wanna thank will kay for the t-shirt          
                                   go check them instagram: willkayco they do some dope designs!

                                                  hope everyone is enjoying there weekend!

                                                                PEACE & LOVE

                                                                         TI$H CEE